Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development plays a role in protecting the public by ensuring that registered practitioners are up to date with best practice in the profession.

Medical radiation practitioners must complete 60 hours of CPD over a three year period – with at least 10 hours in any one year. At least 35 hours must be substantive CPD activities – that is activities that have a significant intellectual or practical content that is relevant to their practice.


  • are best placed to determine the most appropriate activities for their professional development
  • should plan their CPD activities based on a self assessment of their needs and interests
  • must balance learning - review core skills and knowledge and keep pace with current trends

From 1 December 2015 the revised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) registration standard introduces a number of changes for registered practitioners. The main changes in the revised CPD standard are:

  • Provisional registrants must now meet the CPD standard.
  • CPD programs no longer require Board approval.
  • At least 35 hours of CPD must be substantive activities.
  • Increased focus on reflection. 

Tips to stay on top of your CPD

The Board has a tip sheet to help registrants manage and meet mandatory CPD requirements.

Infographic shows CPD requirements

An inforgraphic outlining CPD requirements at a glance is a handy resource for both practitioners and employers.

CPD logbook template

The Board has a template logbook for registrants to record the CPD they have done (please download a template and save onto your computer to maintain your records):

An example logbook is now also provided to help clarify the breadth of CPD options:

The CPD guidelines are available on the Codes and Guidelines page.


The Board’s CPD registration standard allows the Board to grant an exemption from or variation to, a practitioner’s obligation to undertake CPD. In exceptional circumstances the Board will consider granting exemptions from the minimum requirement of 10 hours of CPD each year and on no more than two occasions in a triennium. That is, the Board may grant exemptions for up to 20 hours of CPD out of a total of 60 hours of CPD in a triennium.

Practitioners applying for an exemption can use the ‘Request for partial exemption from continuing professional development’ form below.

MRPBA - CPD - Infographic
Page reviewed 10/10/2017