Professional capabilities for medical radiation practice

The Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (National Board) has released a professional capabilities statement for medical radiation practice.

This statement identifies the minimum knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary for safe, independent practice in diagnostic radiography, nuclear medicine technology and radiation therapy.

In order to be granted general registration by the National Board, a medical radiation practitioner must be able to prove they demonstrate these capabilities.

Who do professional capabilities apply to?

The requirements of the professional capabilities apply to all practitioners, including those who:

  • qualified in Australia (via a four year program, or via a three year program plus supervised practice) 
  • qualified overseas, and 
  • are returning to practice after taking a break (even if they were registered before they took that break).

Domains (elements of practice)

The capabilities have been grouped into domains which identify elements of practice. The domains for the professional capabilities for medical radiation practice are:

Domain 1: professional and ethical conduct
Domain 2: professional communication and collaboration
Domain 3: evidence based practice and professional learning
Domain 4: radiation safety and risk management, and
Domain 5: practice in medical radiation science (common), and either:
5a: practice in diagnostic radiography
5b: practice in nuclear medicine, and
5c: practice in radiation therapy.

The National Board expects medical radiation practitioners to demonstrate elements from a number of domains during all procedures or treatments. This recognises that competent professional practice requires an ability to draw on and integrate the breadth of capabilities to support overall performance.

Further information

Further information about how to apply these capabilities will be provided in a separate document, as part of the suite of tools to support professional learning and development.

Page reviewed 25/06/2015