Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia - Applying for accreditation
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Applying for accreditation

Seeking accreditation of a program of study

If you are an education provider and wish to apply for an accreditation assessment of your program of study, please contact the Program Accreditation Team  to receive an application form and to arrange a due date for submission of your application.

Accreditation guidance material

All education providers wishing to seek accreditation of medical radiation practice programs of study will be assessed against the 2019 accreditation standards for medical radiation practice and the professional capabilities for medical radiation practice.

The 2019 Accreditation standards provide guidance on the evidence to be presented by education providers seeking accreditation of a medical radiation practice program. This includes:

  • the expected information for each standard criterion to be presented
  • explanatory notes for each standard, to help common understandings between accreditation assessment teams and education providers about the Accreditation Committee’s requirements
  • a glossary of key terms used, and
  • a list of acronyms.

Accreditation process

The Accreditation Committee’s process for accreditation assessments is outlined in the Guidelines for accreditation of education and training programs (the Guidelines).

When preparing an accreditation application, education providers should read the Guidelines alongside the accreditation standards and professional capabilities for medical radiation practice.

Accreditation fees

For information on the accreditation assessment fees please visit the accreditation fee information webpage.

Internal review process

If the Accreditation Committee decides not to accredit a program of study, or decides to revoke accreditation of a program, the education provider may apply for an internal review of the Accreditation Committee’s decision. The internal review process provides more information. 

Page reviewed 13/04/2021