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Applying for registration

You must apply as an overseas qualified applicant and use application form AGOS-91 if you:

  • have not held registration in Australia before, and
  • are relying on any qualifications obtained overseas to apply for registration as a medical radiation practitioner in Australia.

Applicants who have current registration in New Zealand should apply under Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition.

You can lodge your application for registration, and supporting documentation, by post or in person at an Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) office in the state or territory in which you plan to live and work.

All applications from overseas applicants are subject to the same assessment regardless of where the application is lodged.

We do not accept applications by email because we need your original signature (not a scanned signature) on the application documents.

Applying for registration does not guarantee that you will be granted registration. Granting registration is a decision of the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (the Board) (or its delegate).

There is a specific application form for overseas qualified medical radiation practitioners. Please use the following form when applying for registration:

This form is also available on our forms page.

It is important that you fill out your application form carefully. Read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the symbols used in the form, as these will help you complete the form correctly. The symbols used in the form are:


Additional information: provides specific information for you about a question or section of the form.


Attention: highlights information about the form that is particularly important for you to read.


Attach document(s) to this form: identifies when you need to include documents with your application. Processing cannot occur until all required documents are received.


Signature required: requires you or appropriate parties to sign the form.


Mail document(s) directly to AHPRA: identifies when you need to arrange delivery of documents directly to AHPRA. These documents may be from another organisation or from you.

The Board and AHPRA rely on the documents you submit with your application form to accurately assess your application for registration. Please ensure that all supporting documents meet the AHPRA certification and translation guidelines.

The Board and AHPRA view fraud very seriously and will carefully review the responses and documents you provide in support of your application. If you provide false or misleading responses or documents with your application, your registration will be refused.

To enable us to assess your application, you need to provide ALL of the supporting documents identified in the application forms. Your application cannot be assessed until we receive all of these documents.

If you hold more than one qualification

When we assess your application, we will consider all your qualifications, as long as they are related to the practice of diagnostic radiographer, radiation therapist and/or nuclear medicine technologist (or equivalent profession in the country where you completed your studies). We recommend you provide the required supporting documents for all your qualifications with your application. Please note certificates of attendance at professional development activities and conferences are not qualifications under the National Law.

English language skills

Applicants for registration in Australia are required to demonstrate English language skills to be suitable for registration. For full details of the English language requirements please read the English language skills registration standard.

For further information on English language requirements visit the English language skills section of the AHPRA website.

Further information

Before applying for registration as a medical radiation practitioner in Australia you must ensure you are familiar with the Board’s standards, codes and guidelines which set out the requirements for obtaining and maintaining registration in Australia. Click on the links below to access the documents.

Further information is also available in fact sheets and FAQ and on the overseas practitioners page of the AHPRA website.

All the Board’s application and reporting forms along with supplementary information for applicants are available on the Forms page.

You need to supply:

Fees for international applications:

  • Application fee
  • Overseas assessment fee
  • Registration fee

Note: the application and overseas assessment fees are non-refundable. 

  • If relevant or applicable you need to supply a separate sheet with an explanation of circumstances of your criminal history in Australia
  • a separate sheet with an explanation of circumstances of your criminal history in another country
  • a separate sheet with details of your impairment and how it is managed
  • a separate sheet with your disqualification details in Australia or another country
  • a separate sheet with details of your conduct, performance or health proceedings in Australia or another country
  • a separate sheet with your current suspension or cancellation details in Australia or another country, and
  • a separate sheet with your previous cancellation, refusal or suspension details

To be supplied directly to AHPRA from regulatory authorities:

Certificate of Registration Status (CORS) or Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) from every jurisdiction outside of Australia in which you are currently, or have previously been, registered during the past five years.

Note 1: if the regulatory authority sends a CORS, it must include information on your standing.
Note 2: CORS and COGS are valid for three months from date of issue.

Page reviewed 5/02/2018