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Australia - approved qualifications

A list of programs of study that provide a qualification approved by the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia are published here - Approved programs of study.

Qualifications are approved by the Board when the it has been accredited by the Medical Radiation Practice Accreditation Committee because the program and education provider have successfully met accreditation standards.

Overseas qualifications

A qualification that the Board considers to be substantially equivalent, or based on similar competencies to an approved qualification, can be accepted for registration in the profession.

The Board has approved the following qualifications as substantially equivalent (s.53(b))

A practitioner that holds a relevant qualification(s) in a division of registration in Australia and can evidence that they have successfully passed (s.53(c))

The arrangements above meet the requirements for a qualification for general registration in Australia. However, applicants must also meet other eligibility requirements for registration which include registration standards for criminal history, English language skills and recency of practice etc.

Assessing other qualifications

Applicants who do not hold an approved or substantially equivalent qualification will have their qualification(s) assessed when they apply for registration.

Overseas qualified medical radiation practitioners should review the information and assessment criteria published on the Overseas qualified practitioners webpage.

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition

Applicants who have current registration in New Zealand should in a relevant division of registration apply under Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition. For more information go to the Overseas qualified practitioners webpage.

Page reviewed 20/12/2023