About to graduate as a medical radiation practitioner?

Apply online now

If you are about to complete or have recently completed an Australian approved program of study you can Apply Online.

Qualified as a medical radiation practitioner outside of Australia?

If you did not receive your qualification from an Australian education provider follow the process for applying for registration outlined on the Overseas qualified practitioners page. 

Previously qualified in Australia

If you received your medical radiation practice qualification(s) from an Australian education provider, and you are not a recent graduate, use the Application for general registration as a medical radiation practitioner - AGEN-91 below.

General registration

Document name PDF Document date
Application for general registration as a medical radiation practitioner - AGEN-91 PDF (2.08 MB) 10 September 2018
Application for general registration as a medical radiation practitioner for current non-practising registrants - AGNP-91 PDF (1.45 MB) 1 April 2019
Application for an additional division of registration in medical radiation practice - AARG-91 PDF (1.27 MB) 10 September 2018
Application for general registration for medical radiation practitioners currently holding provisional registration - APGR-91 PDF (1.25 MB) 1 April 2019
Application for Trans-Tasman mutual recognition as a medical radiation practitioner - ATMR-91 PDF (1.39 MB) 16 April 2019
Application for general registration for internationally qualified medical radiation practitioners - AGOS-91 PDF (1.05MB) 10 September 2018

See the National Board’s Accreditation section for a list of the qualifications required for general registration.

Renewal of registration

Online application for renewal of registration opens six to eight weeks before your registration expires. AHPRA will send you a reminder when your registration is due. Look for this as confirmation that online renewal is open.

If you do not renew your general or non-practising registration by 30 November each year, or within the following one month late period, your registration will lapse in accordance with the National Law and your name will be removed from the national register of practitioners.

Review of conditions or undertakings

Provisional registration

Provisional registration is granted for a period of 12 months staring from the date of approval. This means applicants for provisional registration are required to pay a registration fee that covers the full 12 month period of registration that is granted.

Should a practitioner become eligible for general registration any time within the 12 month registration period, the practitioner can apply for general registration. There is no application fee to change registration type from provisional registration to general registration.

The registration fee payable to change to general registration is calculated based on the remaining portion of the general registration fee less the unused portion of the provisional registration fee. This ensures that the practitioner is not financially disadvantaged when changing registration types.

This form is to be used when your provisional registration has lapsed and you are required to obtain provisional registration to complete a period of supervised practice (for applicants who completed an approved program of study).

Limited registration

Limited registration for postgraduate training is for those applicants who do not qualify for general registration but wish to undertake postgraduate training. Practitioners with limited registration for postgraduate training must not practise in any capacity outside of their clinical training program. Additionally, practitioners undertaking postgraduate training that requires a clinical component must practise supervised under arrangements approved by the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (the Board).

Registration under this category will only be granted for a specific purpose and for a limited time.

Non-practising registration

Supplementary information

Information about supporting documents required for registration is provided below.

Page reviewed 6/06/2019