Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia - Our Standards

Our Standards

The Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia must develop and recommend to Ministerial Council mandatory registration standards and any other standards relevant to the eligibility of individuals for registration in the medical radiation practice profession. The Board has developed registration standards for the profession and a range of guidance, including codes, guidelines and position statements, to help guide practitioners. These documents help to clarify our views and expectations on a range of issues.

Professional practice and other guidance

The following information supports professional practice by medical radiation practitioners.

Professional capabilities
What you must be able to do to practise safely and professionally.

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Code of conduct
The Board has expectations about practitioner behaviour and what is good practice.

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Registration standards

Mandatory registration standards must be meet when first applying for registration and annually at renewal.

Continuing professional development
To stay registered, you must complete annual professional development.

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Criminal history
Criminal history in any country or a change in your circumstances must be declared.

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English language skills
These requirements apply to all practitioners applying for initial registration.

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Professional indemnity insurance
You cannot practise without appropriate insurance cover.

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Recency of practice
Setting recency requirements helps to protect the public.

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Supervised practice
Information to support practitioners doing a supervised practice program.

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Other info

Registered practitioners have legal and professional obligations under the National Law.1 Resources have been developed to help practitioners understand these obligations.

Social media
Guidance to help understand your online obligations.

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Advertising a regulated health service
Your legal obligations when advertising a regulated health service.

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Other polices and statements
Further guidance to help you understand Board expectations and requirements.

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Mandatory notifications
You have obligations to report specific practitioner behaviour.

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Got a question on a particular topic? It might be answered here.

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1 The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in each state and territory (the National Law).

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