Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia - Upcoming changes to Equivalent qualifications
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Upcoming changes to Equivalent qualifications

18 Dec 2015

From 1 February 2016 changes to the Medical Radiation Practice Board’s Equivalent qualifications list will take effect.

The changes will see a large number of historical qualifications removed along with those programs whose qualification level is not equivalent to the qualification level of an approved program of study.

The Equivalent qualifications list was developed by the Board in the lead up to national registration for medical radiation practitioners from 1 July 2012. The list recognised a range of qualifications that had been accepted for practice in those States and Territories that did not have an established system of practitioner registration. The list enabled specific recognition of qualifications without having to rely on the grandparenting arrangements.

The National Law requires that a qualification for general registration must be substantially equivalent or based on similar competencies to an approved qualification;

  • Approved programs of study must meet a number of criteria including a minimum Australian Qualification Level (AQF level 7), quality assurance arrangements for higher education and professional accreditation of the program of study.
  • In addition the development of Professional capabilities for medical radiation practice in 2013 established a minimum benchmark for practice in the profession. All general registered practitioners, including those from overseas and those returning to practise, are required to demonstrate that they meet the minimal capabilities for practice.

The revised Equivalent qualifications list

The Board has modified the Equivalent qualification list to include qualifications where the arrangements in that jurisdiction substantially meet the arrangements for approved qualifications in Australia.

Equivalent qualification list effective from 1 February 2016:

Apply before 1 February 2016

Qualifications that are currently listed on the Equivalent qualifications list can be used as a qualification for general registration for those applications that are submitted by 31 January 2016.

Longevity of qualifications

The National Law ensures the longevity of practitioner’s qualification where the practitioner has previously been registered in Australia. This means that while the Board will change the content of the Equivalent qualifications list, for those practitioners who have previously been registered with an equivalent qualification, they continue to be qualified for general registration.

Page reviewed 18/12/2015