Changes to supervised practice assessment reports

14 Oct 2016

The Board has made some minor changes to improve the operation of the supervised practice assessment report.

Following a review of the supervised practice assessment reports the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (the Board) has made some minor changes to improve the operation of the report and better enable the Board’s oversight of the supervised practice program.

The update to the report provides a clearer path for concerns about a supervised practitioner to be provided by AHPRA to the Board’s Registration and Notifications Committee who will review arrangements in consultation with the supervisor and consider what steps are necessary to ensure the safety of the public.

What has changed?

The Board has approved a change to one of the questions in the Overall Assessment section of the report. This question allows supervisors to raise concerns with the Board’s Registration and Notifications Committee about the progress of a supervised practitioner in the program.

An integral part of the process of supervised practice is the continual discussions that should occur between supervisor and supervised practitioner. Continuing feedback is important for ensuring supervised practitioners are aware of all that they have learnt, but also where greater focus may be required. Feedback also helps the supervised practitioner to develop greater self-awareness.

An important step in the process is included in the assessment report – this is where the supervisor discusses the assessment directly with the supervised practitioner. In many cases early discussions about expectations and progression will avoid or resolve many of the issues encountered.

Supervisors are in the best position to assess the progress of a supervised practitioner, however as a general guide, where a supervised practitioner is:

  • making no progress, or
  • making limited progress over two assessments,

the supervisor should consider raising their concerns with the Board.

What happens where a concern is raised?

If a supervisor has indicated there are concerns about the supervised practitioner’s progress the assessment report requires the supervisor to provide details of those concerns. It is also helpful to outline what actions may have already been taken to remedy those concerns.

Where a concern is raised by a supervisor AHPRA will initially contact the supervisor to discuss the assessment before presenting the matter to the Registration and Notifications Committee (R&NC) for consideration.

When the matter is considered by the R&NC it will consider input from the supervisor and in some cases the supervised practitioner. In making its decision the RNC applies the Regulatory principles for the National Scheme so that if action is required it is proportionate to the risk and ensures the safety of the public.

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