Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia - Board celebrates practitioners caring about safety is caring about patients on World Radiography Day
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Board celebrates practitioners caring about safety is caring about patients on World Radiography Day

08 Nov 2018

The Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (the Board) is celebrating medical radiation practitioners who care about the importance of patient safety when caring for patients as part of this year’s World Radiography Day.

World Radiography Day is celebrated on 8 November each year, marking the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895.

Australia’s 16,257 registered medical radiation practitioners provide vital health services to patients across Australia every day. The Board is celebrating all that they do, while reminding them about how important their regulatory obligations are as part of providing safe care to their patients.

This year’s theme set by the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) is ‘precision compassion’. It is important that the care provided by practitioners to their patients is both precise and compassionate as this ensures they practice safely and ethically.

Board Chair Mr Mark Marcenko said that practitioners who provide the best care for their patients are also the ones that take their patient safety responsibilities seriously.

‘Regulation is there to encourage safe and ethical practice. Part of this is making sure that only those medical radiation practitioners who meet the Board’s requirements are registered. This what the community expect,’ said Mr Marcenko.

He also called practitioners to action by encouraging them to get involved in the work of the Board by voicing their views.

‘We want to involve practitioners in setting the standards that they and their colleagues have to meet. This includes their professional capabilities. I would encourage practitioners to come along to our up and coming conference in Sydney to have their say on the Professional Capabilities for medical radiation practice and find out more about the different aspects of medical radiation practice and regulation,’ he added.

Medical radiation practitioners and students are invited to attend the Board’s Medical radiation regulation and practice conference 2018 which is a free event taking place in Sydney from 9:00 to 16:00 on Tuesday 27 November 2018.

Attendees will get the chance to help the Board review the Professional Capabilities for medical radiation practice – something that is really important for the profession. Practitioners will also get the chance to find out about the process of investigating notifications about practitioner, the outcomes of notifications, and audit and compliance data.

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