Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia - About to graduate? Apply for registration online now

About to graduate? Apply for registration online now

14 Nov 2018

Are you in your final year of an approved program of study to become a medical radiation practitioner?

Smooth the transition from study to work by applying now for registration.

Registering with the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia

Before you can start practising and using the protected title ‘medical radiation practitioner’, you must be registered with the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (the National Board). We recommend that you apply for registration four to six weeks before you’re due to finish your course.

Registration standards

To register as a new graduate, you must meet the following Registration standards:

  • criminal history
  • English language skills, and
  • professional indemnity insurance.

A short-animated video about the obligations of medical radiation practitioners outlines the standards that must be met to become registered and also the professional standards expected of the profession in order to stay registered. The video and a supporting infographic are published on the Registration page of the National Board’s website.

Applying for provisional or general registration

You must make an application for provisional or general registration, depending on which course you graduate from. Before applying online, you can confirm which registration type you must apply for, by viewing the list of approved programs of study.

Graduates who are eligible for provisional registration are required to undertake a period of supervised practice. If you are applying for provisional registration, please read about the National Board’s supervised practice program and note the requirements upon gaining employment.

The National Board expects that students who apply for provisional registration will enrol soon after in the Board-approved supervised practice program administered by AHPRA.

When making an application for general or provisional registration, you must select the division of the profession in which you intend to practise. Divisions of registration are: diagnostic radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists and radiation therapists.

How to apply online

There are four simple steps to applying online:

1.    Set up your account with AHPRA. To do this, you’ll need a unique and personal email address only you can access.

       Once set up, you can save your application and resume as required.

2.    Complete the application form for registration.

3.    Upload your supporting documents.

4.    Pay any required fees.

What happens next?

We will assess your application and may contact you if we require further information. Once your education provider has advised us that you are eligible to graduate, we’ll finalise your application and will contact you to confirm that registration has been granted.

Once registered, your name will be published on the national register of practitioners, and you can start work!

For more information

  • Go to Graduate applications on the AHPRA website to apply online and for links to FAQ
  • For registration enquiries or difficulties in accessing the online application form: 1300 419 495 (within Australia)
  • For media enquiries: (03) 8708 9200

Page reviewed 14/11/2018