Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia - Statement on artificial intelligence in medical radiation practice published
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Statement on artificial intelligence in medical radiation practice published

27 Oct 2022

To support practitioners with the continual evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), the Medical Radiation Practitioner Board of Australia (the Board) has published a statement on the role of AI in medical radiation practice.

‘Artificial intelligence (AI) has embedded itself as an important part of our profession and offers practitioners great opportunities to better serve the healthcare needs of their patients’, said Cara Miller, Board Chair.

‘Medical radiation practitioners have shown themselves time and time again to be flexible in their approaches and welcoming of change to the profession. In publishing the “Statement on artificial intelligence in medical radiation practice”, the Board hopes to offer guidance to practitioners in their use of AI.

‘The statement highlights the many benefits of AI as well as the importance of practitioners being aware of the limitations and biases of AI. The statement also addresses how the Professional capabilities for medical radiation practice apply when using AI.

‘The professional capabilities establish the minimum capabilities needed for safe practice, and I encourage practitioners to review the capabilities, particularly the areas related to AI such as diagnostic and therapeutic machines and managing clinical information’, Cara said.

Practitioners are also encouraged to assess their knowledge of AI and machine learning when planning their professional development.

The statement is available on the Statement on Artificial Intelligence (AI) page.

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Page reviewed 27/10/2022